About Us

ShareTheReport has developed a fast, friendly method for tenants to share their Experian credit report with prospective landlords, eliminating the time-consuming process of signing up for an account. By eliminating the landlord’s site inspection, document collection and faxing, and lengthy contracts ShareTheReport has made the process quick and easy. And, it is great for both parties: the prospective tenant receives a full copy of their credit report with the credit score; and the landlord is assured that they are seeing an official Experian report.

The software powering ShareTheReport has been serving credit reporting clients for over 20 years. The members of the management team each have at least 15 years of credit reporting experience – some have over 25 years’ experience. We know credit reporting and are here to help and answer questions. With ShareTheReport, we have made the process quick, cost-effective, and best of all, easy.